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We are part of the people that believe landscaping Clear Lake TX. So, we dove into it with no reservations. That is how Majestic Landscaping was born. That is how Moss Landscaping has been consistently putting out quality work.That is how Majestic Landscaping has become the first choice Clear Lake TX Landscaping Company. It is with this in mind that we created this page, specially to receive you, our esteemed partner. It is not a fluke that you got here. You got here off the back of the hard and excellent work that we have undertaken on behalf of our clients. You got here because our excellent work has seen us become the favored landscaping partner for many. You got here because you want the best Clear Lake Landscaper to turn your premises from a bland piece of the earth, to an award-winning piece of art and architecture.

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Is your yard looking as best as it should?

The answer to this question is quite subjective. It is often noted that every individual has their own sense of style and class, it just doesn’t come out until they have to get things done the way they would like. As such, everyone has something different they would like to bring into this world. This question, then, isn’t the best to ask in this case. Perhaps it should be, does your yard look as best as you would want it to look like? We can hazard an accurate guess and say no. That’s why you are here, looking at various things you can add to your yard to get it to the place that you would like to take it to. That is what we are here for. We would love to be the hand that sculpts your garden or yard into the shape and purpose that it can achieve. We would love to be the company that gets your imagination flowing and producing the gem you know landscaping can achieve on your property. To this end, we have taught ourselves a variety of techniques, and gathered knowledge over a variety of ways we can turn that dream from an ethereal essence, to tangible reality.

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This is our primary work. It is the foundation that we lay for every other thing that we do afterwards. It would be difficult to achieve that beautiful work of art without first laying down the correct plans.

To this end, there are a variety of things that we would love to do for you. These include:

  • Making concepts of the final outcome of the landscape. These come out as conceptual drawings of the work, drawings of the constructions as well as masterplans, just to tie things up neatly.
  • We have licensed landscape architects ready to turn your yard into a marvelous work of art.
  • We also have certified landscape designers who you will work with closely to eke out

Landscape Design Clear Lake

At Majestic Landscaping Design, we take pride in the work that we do for each and every client that comes to us. We are at the top of the pile of the best landscaping companies in Clear Lake TX. And that is no fluke.

It is by design.

This company was started on a number of principles and pillars. These are the pillars that we have come to rely on. It is the pillars that drive our engagement with each of our customers. It is these pillars that have seen us become the Clear Lake Landscaper of choice for many homeowners, golf course and any other property that needs a little shape up to look its absolute best.

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Skilled Landscape Contractors.

We recognize that anyone can pick up a pair of shears and give their hedge a trim. The results though, are not something many would want to look at for long after the deed is done. If we were going to achieve our dreams, and in turn make yours come true, we would have to invest in a different caliber of landscapers. It is with this in mind that we chose to gather a team of landscaping superheroes. Think of it as assembling a team of specialists. This is the core of our company. A group of highly skilled landscape contractors, or as we like to call them, landscape artists who provide nothing but the best Clear Lake lawn care. From this core, we can then build up on the other services that are of value to residents of Clear Lake Texas. From concrete patios, outdoor kitchens, garden designs and the absolutely beautiful patio, that is the kind of service we love giving. This has enabled us to gather superb levels of knowledge and experience on all matter Lawn service Clear Lake Texas.