Landscape Installation Company In Clear Lake

With our team of landscaping superheroes, there is nothing that is too difficult for us. Are you looking to have your landscaping renovated? There is only one team of superheroes capable of undertaking that job. That’s us at Majestic Landscaping. It’s not just enough to say that we are the best, we will prove it to you. To this end, we ensure that your design idea and concepts are at the forefront of the work that we do. We will sit down with you, and help you put down your vision on paper. From that point, we will work towards making it a reality. If you want to make changes, we will be right by your side, working to make that installation your own.

We care about the environment.

Literally and figuratively!

Yes, we take care of lawns and landscapes with the goal of making them as beautiful as possible. While we are at it though, it doesn’t mean we don’t pay attention to the environment around us.

To this end, we use a variety of products that are environmentally sustainable. We also install the best plants that don’t require a lot of water to maintain their luster.

We ensure your landscape is safe for everyone who will get to enjoy it.


Why Choose Majestic Landscaping

There are a myriad of companies out there that you can choose to go with., However, there are some things that you are guaranteed to get from working with us that no other Clear Lake Landscaping companies can offer you.


It goes without saying, quality is paramount. If we did not pay attention to the quality of work that we were doing, we definitely would not have made it this far. Value for your money is not just three words we throw around without reason. It is evident in the work that we will do for you.


There is no quality without knowing what we are doing. That is why it is paramount for us to get and grow the experience that our technicians have. That is exactly what we have been doing every single day, and on every single job. Experience is the guide to everything that we do. With experience as our foundation, everything else comes easy, and that shows in every single job that we have done so far.


No matter how much experience and quality one can produce, the longevity to be able to do it for as long as we have would not be possible without dedication. Dedication is the engine that keeps us going every single day. It is the engine that powers our work. It is the engine that ensures we strive for the absolute best in terms of the quality of work that we do.


A vital skill, not only for the society at large, but also for the job site and between us as the company, and you as the commissioner of the project. This is how we get to understand all the ideas that you had for the landscaping project. It is also how we get to deliver to you everything that you want for that job.


Landscaping is greatly rooted in engineering and science. However, when you love what you do as much as we do, no force in the world can stop the genius that can be achieved when all elements combine for a good job. Whatever comes out is not a triumph of engineering only. It is a work of art.

Attention To Detail

To achieve that beautiful work of art, everything has to be in its rightful place. The colors have to be just right, and the landscaping has to be nothing less than perfect. The dedication we bring to any project will guide the attention to detail that we pay to any installations. Would you like to know more about what we can do for you? Do not hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call. We would love to work with you on your landscaping project.

Landscape Architecture/Landscape Design.

That yard or the space around your premises is your marble. However, that sculpture that you so crave won’t morph itself out of the marble that is in front of you. It has to be chipped out of the block and then fine tuned to become the masterpiece it is. This is the same approach we take to every landscaping job we encounter. The first thing we do is ask for the ideas that you had wanted to see actualized. If you don’t have any, don’t worry. We have a great many that we would like to show you and work on with you. This is the beginning of landscape design. Taking into stock the canvas that is right in front of us, and then imagining all the possibilities that can be achieved from that. Next is making the conceptual drawings, the construction drawings and other master plans. We will fine tune them in conjunction with you, and then when the details are finalized, it is time to begin the work. Turning the landscape from a patch of shrubs into a beautiful work of architecture and art. To achieve this, we have our vastly experienced technicians, artists really, who do all the engineering and installation works for whatever options we settle on with you.