Tree Services

Who doesn’t love trees? Definitely not you. That explains the various trees that are doting your yard. Trees give value to your space. Trees add a touch of class to whatever space they occupy. They are also great at stopping your solar panels from giving you the best savings possible. But that doesn’t mean you get rid of them; it just means a little pruning to get your canopy looking as beautiful as it should be. That’s where we as Majestic Landscaping come in. We are not only one of the best Clear Lake Landscaper offering lawn services near me, we take pride in the work that we do not only on the lawns and hedges, but also to making trees look the best they’ve ever been in years. This is no fluke. It is the result of years of planning, years of training, and years of gaining actual experience. We ensure that every job we undertake, we do it with the utmost workmanship and professionalism. That has been the main reason why we, as a company, have come this far. Our reviews speak for themselves. Each of our technicians, or as we like to call them, artists, is well trained in various facets of tree pruning, right from safety, to using the correct tools to get the job done with minimum fuss. Lawn service Clear Lake is what we’re best known for, but tree pruning is what we do best.

And we love it.

The Trees We Encounter.

Clear Lake is home to a large number of native trees. These range from large, to medium, to small. Even then, there are a number of exotic trees that add a different feel to the areas they are now calling home.

Some of the indigenous trees include:

  • Anacua
  • American Smoke Tree.
  • Bald Cypress
  • Blackjack Oak.
  • Cedar Elm.
  • Chickasaw Plum.
  • Chinquapin Oak.
  • Escarpment Wild Cherry
  • Lacy Oak.
  • Little Walnut.
  • Live Oak.

Frankly, the list of trees native to Texas are too many to list on this page. However, whichever one is the resident on your premises or your yard, they will need the tender love and care that we have been carefully perfecting over the years.

Not all trees are treated the same though. Some need special attention when it comes to pruning and preparing a beautiful canopy. If you know the type of tree you want trimmed, that would make things easy up front.

Don’t worry though. If you don’t know the kind of tree in your yard, don’t let it stress you out. We have experts just for such an occasion.

A good number of our landscaping artists are well versed in the kind of trees they are likely to come across as they work. In this way identifying the tree in your yard becomes an easy thing.

We can then prepare the correct tools to match the care that your tree will need to undergo to get it looking as best as it should.

If you would like to know more about how we can be of service to you, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We would love to hear from you.

Tree Care with Mosquito Systems.

Trees are beautiful. Trees make your home look like some kind of wonderland. Trees provide your environment a breath of fresh air. Trees need care. The branches can grow wild and can sometimes cause damage to your home, or just appear ghastly. If this was in your commercial premises, they would say a lot about how you present yourself and how you care for things under your charge. Get rid of that perception with a good trimming. Shearing or removal of branches can shape the canopy of the trees in your property. This makes them aesthetically pleasing. And functional. You won’t have to worry whether the shade your trees are casting are stopping you from enjoying full benefits of the new solar system you installed. Want your trees to look their luscious best? A spot of deep root tree feeding can work wonders for how they look. If you would also like removal of stumps or grinding, we can provide that as well. Mosquitos can be a nuisance. But that won’t have to be for long once we get done applying mosquito systems, either the organic or synthetic types.

Masonry and Concrete Work.

That landscape is a canvas. On this canvas, it’s not only the luscious greens that will go on it. It will be interspersed by various other colors. The most prominent of these colors is the grey of concrete. We can provide various types of concrete sideways, patios, walls, driveways and mailboxes. If brick, tile and stone are your thing, we can get that that done too.